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King palm

The King Palm is among the most breathtaking palms in Florida. Originally coming from Queensland, Austraila, they're exceptional to the united states thriving only in Southern Florida. They are really beautiful as well as elegant having a clean trunk and feather form branches which are self-cleaning (no trimming required).


Canary Island Palm

Canary Island palm is a beautiful and alluring palm tree from Canary Islands. It is highly prozed for its elegant beauty. Canary island palm had heavi trunk with large nut at the top and huge, dense canopy of pinnate leaves. Canary Island palm grows to a height of 60 feet. It is one of cold hardy palms, can be grown in zones 8 to 11.

Fishtail Palm

A Fishtail palm is a clump-growing palm tree with leaves shaped like a fish tail.And it is the only palm tree with leaves that are subdivided twice. This palm rarely exceeds 25 feet in height.
The Fishtail palm produces unique mop-like flowers from the top to the ground and then the palm dies.

Date Palm Trees

Date Palm

A Date palm is a highly salt resistant palm tree. It can be seen near the beach and salt waters.

Royal Palm Trees

Royal Palm Tree

A Royal palm tree is a salt tolerant plant. It is highly resistant to salt and highly desirable plant for coastal plantings.

Sago Palm Trees

Sago Palm

A Sago palm is salt resistant palm tree and can be used in beachside plantings.

Coconut Palm Trees